Highest standards used in seating industry; with all structural and artistic detailing as indicated on drawings, samples and/or pictures and exemplified by best industry craftsmanship.


All finishing materials to be of highest grade for the respective kinds. Standard Finish unless otherwise specified is catalyzed lacquer. The lacquer is resistant to water, alcohol, cosmetics and paint remover and is applied by skilled tradesman. All exposed wood will be sanded between coats, ensuring that finish is even and smoothly applied to produce to produce best possible results. All edges will be sanded to ensure smooth and softened appearance. Finish will be matched accurately to customers supplied samples.



Samples of all finishes will be submitted which meets the construction and or joinery detailing specifications as required by Interior Designer or Owner. Submit full mock-up samples of seating as required by Interior Designer


Tag, label or otherwise identify each item with its appropriate item number, location, and/or room number and/or any other information specified.


Credible Upholstery guarantees, under conditions of normal contract and service, seating to be will be free from defects in workmanship and material, other than fabrics, for one ear from date of installation.

Credible Upholstery Guarantee applies only to original purchaser or his client.

Credible Upholstery’s obligation under this guarantee limited to repairing or replacing, at manufacturer’s option, any defective pieces or portion thereof at no cost to Owner, including related transportation charges.

Year Full Warranty on construction.